Thai Consulate Savannakhet: No more walk-in services


The Royal Thai Consulate in Savannakhet, Laos, will go to online appointment booking only effective June 1st (actually on Tuesday June 4th which is the first day they’re open after the holiday).

The consulate will no longer allow walk up service, you have to book an appointment to get in the gate.

At this time the appointment booking website is “under construction” but here’s the link
Online Appointment Booking Savannakhet

Also their processing time for visas have changed and they have the same processing time as the Thai Consulate in Vientiane.

Apply for a visa and get the passport back two business days after the application (not including the day you apply, so that’s a 3 day processing time)

– Apply Monday morning/passport returned Wednesday afternoon
– Apply Thursday morning/ passport returned Monday afternoon
– Apply Friday morning/passport returned Tuesday afternoon

Updates and visa discussion on this topic at ASEAN NOW forum.

In visa related news The cabinet has approved a number of new visa initiatives aimed at attracting more tourists. This includes visa-free and visa-on-arrival schemes, extended stays for students, and a decrease in mandatory health insurance for retirees.

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