Commerce Minister aims to boost Thai-Japan trade

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The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, Phumtham Wechayachai, embarked on an international mission to amplify Thailand’s soft power and enhance Thai-Japan trade. This trip, scheduled for May 11-12, will take the Minister to Tokyo, Japan, where he will participate in the 24th Thai Festival Tokyo event.

Wittaya Maneenet, the Ministry of Commerce spokesperson, clarified that the purpose of the visit is to explore opportunities for Thai Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in foreign markets and to promote Thai products and culture in Japan.

Thai products and foods will form a significant part of the country’s representation, showcasing the unique Thai identity and its cuisine at the event.

The ministry spokesperson gave a sneak peek into the itinerary, which includes meetings with key Japanese companies, such as Rakuten, Muji, and KALDI.

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Rakuten, a popular online shopping platform in Japan, has an upcoming Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing with Phumtham. This MOU aims to boost international trade of Thai products.

The Commerce Minister is also set to discuss with Muji and KALDI representatives. These conversations are part of a larger strategy to promote Thai products and foods in the Japanese market.

The Thai bananas, in particular, are being touted as a product with significant export potential and are expected to feature prominently on the shelves of prominent Japanese supermarkets, following the Minister’s proactive marketing policies.

Additionally, the Commerce Minister will leverage the popularity of the Thai television series ‘Y’ as a cultural export. The series has gained a wide viewership and is seen as a significant element of Thailand’s soft power, reported Pattaya News.

This international endeavour underscores the Thai government’s commitment to promoting its unique culture and products on a global platform, reinforcing its soft power and forging stronger ties with foreign markets.

In similar news, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin confirmed that Thailand and Bangladesh are keen on pursuing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The two nations signed a letter of intent last week to speed up the negotiation process, marking a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts.

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