Thai Airways makes 1 million baht in 1 minute from selling airplane seats

Thai Airways International made over a million baht in just a minute yesterday by selling their colourful economy class seats from a decommissioned Airbus A330-300. The strapped-for-cash airline climbing out of an around 400 billion baht debt has been working on ways to stay afloat financially during the pandemic, like selling off its warehouse items and opening up a pop-up restaurant serving in-flight meals.

The airline, which is going through a debt restriction plan under the Central Bankruptcy Court, sold the aircraft seats for 35,000 baht for each pair. The pink, purple, and yellow seats were sold through a live-streamed event on the Facebook page TG Warehouse Sale. Once it went live, the seats were quickly purchased in just a minute, ringing in 1.05 million baht for the airline. Thai Airways has sold other items through the warehouse social media page including napkins, cups, coffee pots, bottle openers and cultery.

The seats were properly cleaned and still have the seat belts. They can recline to a maximum of 15 centimetres. The seat will be delivered to customers in early May.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Thai Airways makes 1 million baht in 1 minute from selling airplane seats | News by Thaiger

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