Terminal shock: Passenger stumbles upon dead Australian at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

Photo via Facebook/ พงศกร รอดภัย

In a chilling and unexpected twist at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport last night, a passenger stumbled upon the lifeless body of an 82 year old Australian man, seated in eerie solitude within the airport’s bustling passenger terminal. The mystery surrounding his untimely demise is currently under investigation.

Officers from the Suvarnabhumi Airport Police Station were alerted to the foreign man’s demise around 8pm. They promptly collaborated with rescue teams and medical professionals to initiate the investigation. The discovery took place within the arrival terminal, specifically on the second floor, near Gate 8. To facilitate the investigative procedures, the area was temporarily closed off.

The Australian man was identified as 82 year old Wohlmuth Gerard. Preliminary estimates by authorities suggest that Gerard had passed away approximately three hours prior to being found. He was discovered lying on his back in the seating area, clad in long jeans and a black t-shirt. His jacket and personal belongings were located nearby.

Authorities speculate that Gerard may have succumbed to his congenital diseases shortly after disembarking from a plane. It is believed that he rested in the terminal and, tragically, succumbed to his condition. To ascertain the exact cause of death, his lifeless body was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for a thorough autopsy.

The Suvarnabhumi Police Station officers intend to notify the Australian embassy of this unfortunate incident, and the embassy, in turn, will relay the tragic news to Gerard’s family.

This incident follows a previous occurrence involving an Australian national at Suvarnabhumi Airport in June of this year. A 35 year old Australian woman reportedly suffered severe injuries after a fall from the airport’s second-floor passenger building.

Eyewitnesses at the scene speculated that this might have been a suicide attempt. According to their accounts, the woman exited Gate 4, traversed to Gate 3, and subsequently scaled a metal fence before plummeting to the ground on the first floor. While an investigation into the cause of her fall was conducted, the relevant authorities did not disclose the findings to the public.

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