Taiwan haunted house listed for 10 million baht sparks debate

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A 29 year old haunted house in Taiwan, listed for sale at 10 million baht after revealing a death occurred on the premises, sparked interest and a heated debate online.

A real estate agent recently posted about the sale of a haunted house in a Taiwanese Facebook group, openly disclosing that a previous tenant died from a drug overdose in the house. Despite its eerie history, the agent described the property as a happy haunted house and not particularly frightening.

The property, built 29 years ago, is located in Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Luodong District, Yilan City in Taiwan. It features a building area of 62.4 square metres and a land area of 36.6 square metres, including eight bedrooms, two living rooms, five bathrooms, and parking space for two cars.

Originally managed as a rental property through Airbnb, the house became notorious two years ago when a guest died from a drug overdose. Following the incident, the owner continued to live in the house, using it as a home office. However, the space eventually became inadequate for their needs, prompting a move to a new home outside the city.

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The asking price for the haunted house was initially set at 13.8 million Taiwanese dollars (approximately 15 million baht) but eventually sold for 9.8 million Taiwanese dollars. The significant price drop reflects the stigma associated with the property’s history, reported Sanook.

“It’s a happy haunted house, not too scary.”

Upon the article’s release, netizens couldn’t help but laugh, dubbing it the most chill haunted house and marvelling at the idea of a happy haunted house.

In related news, an almost century-old two-storey heritage house on the banks of the Chao Phraya River has sparked interest online after being listed for sale at 45 million baht. The property, boasting a land area of 200 square wahs (800 square metres), has been praised for its robust structure, despite showing signs of age.

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