Swipe fright: Thai man seeks justice after date turns brutal

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A Thai man is seeking legal action against a man who brutally assaulted him after they connected on a dating app and arranged a meeting at the attacker’s condominium. More victims came forward after the story went viral.

The 23 year old victim shared the details of the incident, which took place on March 11, from the news Twitter account, Red Skull, along with photos of his injuries.

The victim explained that he met the alleged attacker, Phiphat Phattaradatekunchorn, on a dating app. Phiphat’s profile claimed he was the CEO and owner of several beauty clinics and was about to open a new branch in Bangkok’s Ramkhamhaeng neighbourhood.

On the day of the attack, they arranged to meet at Phiphat’s condo. Instead of coming down to greet him, Phiphat threw a keycard from his balcony to the victim waiting below.

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Upon entering the dimly lit condo, Phiphat told the victim, “I was swimming, waiting for you. I’m high now.”

The victim was shocked to learn of Phiphat’s drug use. Phiphat then hugged him and asked for oral sex. Unexpectedly, during the act, Phiphat punched the victim in the face, prompting the victim to stop and ask to leave the room, but Phiphat refused.

Physical, verbal abuse

Phiphat continued to physically and verbally abuse the victim throughout the night, forcing him to perform oral sex while making derogatory comments about his appearance and financial status. He also bragged about being a CEO and threatened the victim with his father’s supposed influence.

According to the victim, Phiphat was outraged with him for being ugly.

“Can you afford a luxury condo like me? Do you know who I am? I’m the CEO of beauty clinics. Can a person like you do this? Do you know my father? Do you know what he is capable of?”

The victim was finally rescued the following morning when his friend came to his aid. He later learned from condo staff that he was not the only victim. The staff recently saw an injured woman fleeing Phiphat’s room with a bloodied face.

The victim revealed that she filed a complaint with police but the case went nowhere. Aside from sharing his story with the news account, the victim sought help from non-profit organisation Saimai Survive, as well.

The suspect, Phiphat, defended himself on Instagram, claiming that he was the victim of the assault. However, more and more victims came forward to expose his violent behaviour.

One victim revealed that the attacker even demanded compensation from him after his blood from the assault made a mess on his bedding. He added that the attacker threatened to shoot him in the head and claimed that his father was a police officer.

The victim revealed the case is ongoing and it has not yet reached a conclusion.

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