SUV crashes into mall in Thailand, plummets 4 floors into basement

An SUV last night somehow crashed into a famous mall located in Pathum Thani province, situated to the north of Bangkok, Thailand. The vehicle then drove over the railings by the escalator and plummeted four floors into the basement.

The SUV driver miraculously survived the accident, sustaining only minor bleeding to the head.

The crash happened yesterday around midnight at Zeer Rangsit Mall on Phahonyothin Road in Lam Luk Ka district. The mall was closed so luckily no one else was hurt in the unusual incident.

A TikTok video posted by @piyapi53 reveals significant damage to the mall. A big glass window at the entry/exit of the third floor was smashed, the escalator and railings on the third floor were damaged, as well as mall decorations and the basement where the SUV landed from a height of four floors.

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Police say they expect that the driver drove out of the third-floor car park and had a problem with either his brakes or steering, driving straight through the glass window, into the third floor of the shopping centre, and over the balcony near the escalator – falling into the basement underground.

The police sent the driver to have his alcohol levels tested. If the driver was over the limit he will face criminal charges such as drunk driving and reckless driving causing damage to others. The driver’s identity was not revealed.

The damaged SUV was sent away for inspection.

The TikTok video of the damages appears to have been deleted but can be watched via CH7 here.

Zeer Rangsit is a popular electronics mall near the intersection of Phahonyothin Road and Vibhavadhi – Rangsit Road. It officially opened for service in 1994, selling computers, hardware, phones, cameras, etc.

The mall is a nine-storey building, including the basement, which is a food court.

In August last year, CCTV captured a car flying out of the third-floor level of a shopping mall car park in Nontha Buri province in central Thailand.

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