Car goes flying out of third storey of car park in central Thailand

Photo by Nation Thailand.

CCTV footage has captured a car flying off the third storey of a carpark of a shopping mall in Thailand’s central province of Nonthaburi. The footage shows the car going through the car park’s wall before the vehicle falls onto the street below.

Even though Bang Bua Thong Police found the car upside down, the driver only had minor neck injuries, and could still walk and talk. He was still rushed to a nearby hospital, though.

Police have not yet questioned the man about his motive. The CCTV footage showed the car being driven down from an upper floor to the third storey and crashing against the wall, according to police. The first crash didn’t break the wall, but the car was then seen speeding towards the wall again and crashing through it to land on the road.

A security guard said he heard the sound of a car hitting a wall in the car park’s building, so he rushed in on his motorbike to have a look. He saw dents on a wall, so he headed to search for the car that might have hit the wall. Suddenly, he heard a crash and turned to find the four metre wide hole in the wall, with the upside-down car on the road down below.

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SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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