Sutin: PM2.5 pollution focus of high stakes meeting with Cambodia

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In a high-profile diplomatic move, Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang has declared war on PM2.5 pollution, setting the stage for a showdown with Cambodia.

Sutin is gearing up for a fierce clash during the 16th General Border Committee (GBC) meeting in Phnom Penh. He pointed fingers at Cambodian farm practices exacerbating pollution woes across borders.

“I will confront Tea Seiha on the PM2.5 crisis.”

Bangkok’s recent PM2.5 spike is believed to be the fallout from Cambodian farm fires fanned by eastward winds.

Moreover, Sutin revealed a strategic manoeuvre to tackle farm burning head-on, disclosing plans to ban corn imports from farms employing the controversial technique. However, navigating the treacherous waters of international trade law looms large, with the World Trade Organisation (WTO)’s shadow casting doubt on unilateral actions.

Armed with a clean air bill, Thailand aims to fortify defences before imposing import bans. Eyes locked on the GBC summit, the defence minister will rally Cambodian support to quell the inferno of farm burning.

Beyond the smog, the GBC battlefield extends to the war on call-centre gangs and landmine eradication along the border. Yet, amidst the turmoil, questions linger over diplomatic manoeuvres. Did Pheu Thai Party leader Paetongtarn Shinawatra neglect crucial issues during her recent visit to Phnom Penh?

Squashing speculation, Sutin assures that Paetongtarn’s mission was strictly diplomatic, avoiding sensitive national topics. Allegations of border betrayal between the Shinawatra and Hun Sen families are swiftly dismissed, with the defence minister vehemently asserting Thailand’s territorial integrity.

Amidst whispers of territorial encroachment, Sutin remains resolute. With Koh Koot’s fate hanging in the balance, he pledges an unwavering defence of Thai sovereignty, reported The Nation.

Quelling fears of a Phnom Penh land grab, Sutin asserts dominance, vowing to safeguard every inch of Thai territory.

With overlapping claims in the Gulf of Thailand, the Foreign Ministry and the National Energy Policy Council are primed for negotiations, ensuring Thailand’s interests remain unscathed.

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