Lifeless body of three year old girl found near grazing field in southern Thailand

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The body of a three year old girl was discovered in a waterlogged area close to an animal grazing field in Narathiwat province, in southern Thailand. The child mysteriously disappeared from her home, which was approximately 300 metres away from where her body was found.

Police Colonel Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, Deputy Police Chief, visited the scene of the crime alongside other high-ranking officials, including Police Colonel Kritsada Kaewchandee, Deputy Police Chief of Region 9, and Police Colonel Anurut Im-ap, Narathiwat Provincial Police Chief. They were guided by Police Lieutenant Colonel Ma Taoha Muna, who took them to the exact location where the body was found, KhaoSod reported.

Police believe that the perpetrator might be a local individual who possibly knew the victim and her family. During the day of the incident, no screams or cries of the three year old child were heard, which could indicate that the girl was familiar with the attacker.

Big Joke and the investigative team met with Amrun Naekama and Sareepa Ma Ae, the grieving parents of the three year old, Nada. They offered their condolences and reassured the family that they would fully commit to capturing the culprit and ensuring justice is served. The parents were also presented with a token of comfort and support from the police.

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Discussing the ongoing investigation, Big Joke stated that it was too early to provide any concrete information. They are waiting for the results from several forensic examinations and are continuing to work hard on the case. He re-emphasised the importance of conducting a thorough and meticulous investigation, as the case is delicate and solid evidence must be gathered to apprehend the individual responsible for this heinous crime.

At 7.30pm, a meeting was held at the Narathiwat Provincial Police Command Centre, to discuss the progress of the investigation into the three year old girl’s death and review any key evidence and witness statements that may help to link the individual responsible for this brutal act.

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