Surrogacy to be covered by health insurance in Thailand

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The Health Service Support Department is joining forces with the Office of Insurance Commission and insurance providers to integrate surrogacy into the health insurance scheme.

This move comes in response to Thailand’s plummeting birth rates and the looming spectre of an ageing population.

According to Dr Sura Wisedsak, the department’s director-general, a whopping 114 hospitals and clinics across Thailand are currently offering Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) to couples grappling with conception challenges or pregnancy complications.

Dr Wisedsak highlighted the impressive success rate of ART, standing at a commendable 46%. However, he also underscored the paramount importance of ensuring the safety of mothers undergoing such procedures.

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Under the proposed insurance service, surrogate mothers will receive comprehensive coverage spanning from conception to 30 days post-delivery. This encompassing package includes protection against illnesses, pregnancy complications, and essential post-natal care.

Dr Sura revealed that insurance policies tailored for surrogacy are slated to roll out by the third quarter of this year, offering a ray of hope to countless families navigating the complexities of fertility treatments, reported Thai PBS World.

In related news, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is set to introduce strategies designed to encourage artificial insemination and support those who wish to become parents, encompassing the LGBTQ community as well. The drive is part of an initiative to increase the country’s birth rate.

In other news, in a move anticipating the impending legalisation of same-sex marriage in Thailand, the nation‘s Health Department Director-General Atchara Nithiapinyasakul is pushing for a revision of the Surrogacy Act. The aim is to open the doors for homosexual couples to adopt a baby through a surrogate mother, addressing not just personal desires but also a national crisis.

The existing Surrogacy Act, stringent after past scandals involving Thai doctors and Chinese agents in international surrogacy syndicates, currently restricts commercial surrogacy and limits heterosexual couples who have been married for at least three years.

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