Suphanburi crackdown nets 20 for illegal racing and noise complaints

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Suphanburi police arrested over 20 motorcyclists following complaints from locals about frequent late-night disturbances. The operation, led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Peerapoj Rawangban, the Superintendent of Muang Suphanburi Police Station, and his deputy, Police Lieutenant Tawan Vatanarangsan, took place at the Ban Pho intersection in Mueang district, Suphanburi province. The crackdown on illegal racing came after residents reported being fed up with the noise and nuisance caused by teenagers gathering to race their motorcycles during the night.

Officers from Muang Suphanburi Police Station, numbering more than 20, planned and executed the operation after gathering intelligence on the group’s activities. They apprehended 20 individuals, confiscating their motorcycles and bringing them in for processing.

For those under 18, the police called their parents to retrieve them and guide every case. The authorities have recorded all 20 cases, with most involving young individuals, and have kept the motorcycles for further legal action. The police station has warned the youth not to engage in activities that disturb the public, emphasizing the legal consequences of fines, imprisonment, and vehicle confiscation.

If the offenders are minors, parents or guardians may also face legal responsibility for neglecting to supervise and care for their children, leading to their involvement in unlawful activities. Under the Child Protection Act, parents or guardians could face imprisonment of up to three months unless they can prove that they have exercised proper supervision.

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Although minors under 15 years old may not face punishment per the law, the court has the authority to summon their parents or guardians for admonishment or impose probationary measures. For those aged between 15 and 18, the court’s consideration will determine any conditional measures or penalties, which may be reduced by half if deemed necessary, given the severe nature of the offences, reported KhaoSod.

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