Purrfect: Stray cats seek forever homes at Bangkok Expo 2024

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Bangkok’s Benjakitti Park is buzzing with excitement as the BKK Expo 2024 rolls into town, inviting animal lovers to consider adopting stray cats and transforming lives one purr at a time.

Deputy Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Governor Tavida Kamolvej announced today, June 20, that a variety of stray cats, now vaccinated and sterilised, are being showcased at the Sua Pa Benjakitti Museum Building until this Sunday, June 23.

This initiative provides Bangkokians with a unique opportunity to find their next feline companion. Tavida highlighted that only cats ready for new homes were selected from the Prawet animal shelter.

Prospective adopters must meet several criteria, including:

  • Family consent
  • Basic knowledge of animal care
  • Adequate space for pets
  • Financial means to cover pet care costs
  • A history of kindness towards animals

For those interested in adopting stray dogs, direct visits to the Prawet animal shelter are encouraged.

Tavida candidly addressed the shelter’s troubled past, acknowledging its notorious reputation for cruelty towards strays.

“We are striving to transform the shelter into a house of love for these deserted pets.”

The BMA is committed to ensuring that once the animals are brought to the shelter, they receive treatment, training, and vaccination to prepare them for adoption.

Despite limited space for approximately 1,000 stray dogs and cats, the BMA is working to sterilise as many strays as possible across the city, reported The Nation.

The BKK Expo 2024, themed The City Can Change Because of You, offers more than just a chance to adopt a pet. Visitors can explore an interactive model of Bangkok, enjoy delicacies from the city’s 50 districts, browse community products, participate in workshops, and let their kids run wild in a large playground. The event runs from June 20 to 23, from 9am to 9pm.

In related news, residents in the Isaan province of Buriram ensured a stray dog received necessary medical care after its hind leg paws had been cut off. A Thai woman took to social media to seek help for the injured dog on Tuesday, June 17. She shared pictures of the dog, with brown and black fur and its paws cut off, with a few words.

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