Stepfather arrested for sexual abuse of 12 year old girl in Bangkok

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Authorities have apprehended a Thai man in Bangkok following a report from a doctor that a 12 year old girl claimed she had been sexually abused by her stepfather since she was six years old and that her mother did not believe her.

The disturbing events began around 2017 when the girl was only six. Living with her biological mother and stepfather in Tak province, the young girl recounted that her stepfather, 60 year old Amnuay would take advantage of her during her mother’s absence.

These abuses continued regularly, with the stepfather threatening to kill the girl’s mother if she told anyone, leading to six years of repeated assaults. Even after moving to Bangkok, the abuse persisted. Despite attempts to inform her mother, the girl was met with disbelief and her mother sided with the stepfather.

In May, after being raped again and falling ill with dengue fever, the girl sought treatment at a hospital. There, a compassionate doctor listened to her story. The young girl decided to reveal the full extent of her suffering to the doctor, who immediately contacted social workers.

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Detailed examinations confirmed that the girl’s injuries were consistent with sexual abuse. The doctor, recognising the danger of returning the girl to her family, arranged for her to be placed in a child protection home in Bangkok.

The girl’s brother, upon learning of the abuse, took her to the Lak Song Police Station to file a complaint. This led to an arrest warrant for Amnuay, who evaded capture initially with the help of the girl’s mother, who misled the authorities.


Metropolitan Police and the Narcotics Suppression Bureau arrested Amnuay yesterday in front of an apartment on Phetkasem 84 Road in Bang Khae, Bangkok. The arrest was made under a warrant issued by Thonburi Criminal Court for the charge of sexually abusing a child under 13 years old, whether the child consented or not, and being in a position of authority over the child.

Metropolitan Police Bureau Chief Teeradej Thammasutee dispatched a team led by Inspector Thanapeersit Joonpipop to apprehend Amnuay, who was found with the girl’s mother. When questioned about her actions, the mother responded that her daughter could not understand anything.

During the arrest, Amnuay denied all allegations, claiming he met the 12 year old girl when she was three, as he started dating her mother. He asserted he had done nothing wrong, accusing the girl of fabricating the allegations due to her autism and poor school performance, often reported by her teachers. Following his arrest, Amnuay was taken to Lak Song Police Station for legal proceedings.

The police chief commented that the investigation does not fully trust Amnuay’s testimony, emphasising the credibility of the girl’s account and the sufficiency of evidence for the arrest warrant, reported Sanook.

“The words of a child are purer, and there is no reason for a 12 year old to falsely accuse a family member unless she has truly been harmed.”

Teeradej urged the public to provide any additional information through the IDMB page, promising prompt action on all public distress cases in line with the policies of Deputy Commissioner Kittirat Panpetch and Commissioner Thiti Saengsawang.

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