Singapore CEO wins hearts washing dishes himself

The CEO of FairPrice Group from Singapore took the corporate world by surprise with his unconventional approach to leadership. Henry Chu wasn’t content with merely issuing orders from the boardroom, instead, he made headlines by rolling up his sleeves and getting involved in the day-to-day operations of the company’s restaurants, including cooking and washing dishes—a move that has garnered widespread admiration.

Appointed as CEO in 2022, Chu is known for his hands-on approach at the group’s food outlets, routinely partaking in tasks ranging from preparing meals to clearing and washing dishes. His willingness to assist and work diligently is particularly evident during peak times with a full house of customers or when staff shortages arise, such as at newly opened restaurant locations that may be undermanned.

Chu’s most memorable experience was when he assisted at the Heavenly Wang eatery during the Covid-19 pandemic. This period offered him a deeper understanding and appreciation of the hard work that employees put in and the potential problems that can arise when equipment or tools malfunction.

“The moment I arrived at the restaurant, I saw all the tables piled with plates, bowls, and cups, and to make matters worse, the dishwasher was broken. I spent one and a half hours washing dishes.

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“In these times, I have to be a role model for the employees by lending a hand during the busiest periods. This allows the staff to take a break, even if it’s just to grab a drink of water. It shows them that their boss is always ready to help,”

The current food and beverage industry is facing limitations in manpower coupled with rising costs. By engaging directly with the work on the ground, Chu believes he can better understand operational processes and identify areas where the company’s services can be improved.

He stresses that the most crucial aspect of his job is to gain the trust of his employees by demonstrating that a CEO like him can truly understand and engage in the work, setting an example for the staff and showing them that their leader is always there to support them, reported Khaosod.

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