Couple returns cash hidden in chair to elderly owner in China

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A Chinese couple’s remarkable discovery of a substantial sum of money hidden inside a second-hand chair has captured widespread attention on social media. Opting to do the right thing, they returned the find to its rightful owner rather than keep it for themselves.

The unexpected turn of events unfolded as the wife made her way home from work, spotting the old chair in a scrapyard. Despite its worn appearance, the chair’s unique design caught her eye, and she felt it would be a perfect addition to their living room. Excitedly, she decided to bring the chair home.

Upon cleaning the chair at home, a light tap to dust it off led to a surprising discovery: stacks of cash were concealed within. The wife immediately called her husband to examine the find, and both were stunned by the authenticity and amount of the money.

The man’s mother, who happened to witness the scene, expressed concern that the money could be linked to illegal activities, as it was unlikely for such an amount to be hidden legitimately. She advised them to handle the situation with caution.

The couple faced a moral dilemma: to hand the money over to the authorities or to keep it, as it could potentially change their lives. However, concerned about the potential troubles that could follow, they ultimately decided to find the original owner.

Their search began by inquiring around the area where the chair was found, leading to information about an elderly lady who had discarded it. The next morning, the couple visited the small home of the elderly woman, who, after hearing their story, was taken aback.

Sitting on a fortune

“The chair belonged to my husband. After he passed away, I threw it out, not knowing there was money inside.”

The old woman mentioned that her son was due to return to China and would likely be aware of the money.

A few days later, the woman’s son, a middle-aged man with a sophisticated demeanour, met the couple in a café. He revealed that his father had secretly saved the money for his mother, fearing she would struggle without him.

Understanding the sentimental value of the hidden money, the couple decided to return it to the elderly woman’s family. Overwhelmed with gratitude, the family offered a reward but the couple declined, content with the good deed and the heartfelt thanks they received.

This act of integrity demonstrates the couple’s commitment to doing what’s right, proving that sometimes, the value of honesty outweighs the allure of unexpected wealth.

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