Silent film chaos: Man attacks transwomen at mall theater for shushing

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A Thai man physically assaulted two transwomen at a theatre in a shopping mall in Chon Buri after the two asked him to stop talking while watching a movie.

The victims, 27 year old Cher and 26 year old Joy decided to share the story with ThaiRath as the attacker claimed that he was powerful and knew a lot of influential police officers. They added that they filed a complaint against the attacker at the Laem Chabang Police Station but were worried that officers would ignore their case.

According to Cher and Joy, they heard two men and a woman chattering from the seats behind them while they were in the theatre. Tolerating over half an hour, Cher and Joy asked them to lower their voices.

“Could you please lower your voice a little?”

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The two claimed that the man rudely responded to them.

“What the f*ck is wrong with you! Watch the movie in the theatre for the first time, huh? You are such a country bumpkin! If you want to watch a movie in a quiet place, go back home! We watch the movie like this here!”

Cher and Joy stated that the man also kicked a theatre chair next to them while complaining. They attempted to explain to the man that they did not want to argue. They just wanted to watch a movie peacefully.

The transwomen said the man persisted in harassing them throughout the movie, even making threats of violence and a promise to confront them outside the theatre.

“I will see you outside the theatre. You will see what I can do.”

The victims disclosed that the man and his friends left the theatre 15 minutes before the movie ended. When they left the theatre, they saw the man waiting for them at the entrance. He wore a cap and a face mask to hide his identity and approached them.

Recognising the impending danger, Cher and Joy began recording the confrontation with the man. After engaging in an argument for a while, the men pushed Cher to the floor, slapped Joy in her face, and kicked her again. A witness then came to intervene and rescued them from the aggressive man.

One of the victims attempted to report the incident to the police, but the angry man took her phone and damaged it by throwing it on the floor. The man then screamed at them.

“You cannot do anything to me. I know a lot of influential people. They will ask me to pay 4,000 baht for you two. Just like that.”

The two transwomen said they were embarrassed and scared at that time, so they apologised to the man and left the scene. With worries about their safety, they decided to stop at the Laem Chabang Police Station to file a complaint.

As of now, the police station has not provided any updates regarding the progress of the case.

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