Sexual activity aids kidney stone expulsion, suggests Thai doctor’s study


A noteworthy post was made yesterday on the Facebook page Sirianan Prasit by Doctor Sirianan Prasit. The post highlighted an intriguing revelation: Engaging in sexual activity can assist in the natural expulsion of kidney stones.

Dr Sirianan shared insights from a conference he attended, where the intriguing research was presented. The study, which was conducted systematically and analysed meticulously, compared individuals who engaged in sexual activity or self-pleasure at least three times a week with those who solely relied on medications to expel kidney stones or just drank water. The findings were astonishing.

The study revealed the self-expulsion rate of distal kidney stones is equivalent to the rate achieved with medication and is better than just drinking water. The incidence of kidney stone pain reduced, the need for pain-relieving injections decreased, and the rate of surgeries also diminished.

The explanation behind this phenomenon is associated with a neurotransmitter named Nitric Oxide (NO). This compound, released during sexual activity, causes the ureters to relax and expand to their full capacity, allowing kidney stones to pass naturally.

Therefore, those who suffer from kidney stones and prefer not to rely on medications could consider this natural alternative. However, it’s essential to note that this activity should be responsibly managed, starting from dusk reported Sanook.

Please remember to consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your treatment plan.

Ongoing concerns about kidney stones have prompted health experts to issue a warning against consuming coconut water that has been diluted with potassium aluminium sulphate. According to these experts, this mixture may be potentially hazardous and misleading when it comes to treating kidney ailments.

It’s important to note that there is insufficient scientific evidence to support the idea that this particular concoction of coconut water can effectively cure kidney stones. Therefore, people are urged to exercise caution when considering it as a remedy. Read more HERE.

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