Severed crocodile head crocs up in eastern Thailand

Photo via ThaiRath

A fisherman made a jaw-dropping discovery on Friday when he found a crocodile head at the Bang Phra reservoir in Si Racha district, Chon Buri province, eastern Thailand.

The fisherman posted a photo of the bodyless croc in the Facebook group ‘Bang Phra Reservoir Fishing Club’ with the caption…

“It was bitten by a local god? Or, how else did it get here?”

Locals searched for the crocodile’s body, which was nowhere to be found in the reservoir or surrounding area.

Reporters spoke to 29 year old Yuth Pimphot, who discovered the severed head near the water’s edge when he came down to the reservoir to fish at 4pm on Friday.

He assumed that the crocodile’s body was eaten by locals, who couldn’t eat its head so decided to dump it at the reservoir. The head looked as if it had been dissected from the body, said Yuth.

Locals said the crocodile probably died a few days prior since the meat attached to the back of its head hadn’t decayed yet.

Yuth pried open the croc’s jaws to find its tongue missing, too.

The crocodile’s demise is rather clear but the authorities say they will still be investi-gating how its head ended up at the reservoir.

On the same day, a 2.8-metre-long, one-eyed, blind crocodile escaped from a farm in Nakhon Sawan and into the Ping River.

Crocodile catchers placed nine pieces of raw chicken near the riverbank where the blind crocodile was last seen and set a snare trap, but the croc is still on the loose three days later.

The croc catchers haven’t given up yet as the croc was spotted today in the forest next to the river, about 100 metres away from where it escaped.

They said they have to be extra careful as the crocodile is aggressive because it hasn’t eaten since Wednesday, February 15. Next, the croc catchers will release live chickens to try and lure the runaway croc back into captivity.

In Thailand, there are thought to be around 1,500 illegal crocodile farms. Last week, a Thai man was arrested for selling crocodiles via TikTok.

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