Car falls into pit on Bangkok’s Songprapa Road, rescue underway

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A car plunged into a construction pit in the Don Mueang district of Bangkok, sparking a flurry of online commentary and concern. The incident occurred on Songprapa Road near the Don Mueang Technical College, close to the Ozone Market One.

At approximately 2.55am, the vehicle, identified as a sedan, lost control and fell into an open sewer pit that was under construction. Emergency services are currently at the scene conducting rescue operations, reported KhaoSod.

The accident on Songprapa Road, a bustling area near Don Mueang Technical College, raised numerous questions among the public. Many are inquiring how the vehicle ended up in the pit and whether there were sufficient warning signs like cones, barriers, or other indicators to alert drivers of the ongoing construction.

Details about the condition of the individuals inside the car have not been reported yet, but the online community has been quick to express their concerns and demand answers.

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Photos of the accident were initially shared on the Facebook fan page of JS100 Radio, which regularly provides updates on traffic conditions and accidents. The images quickly garnered attention, sparking a discussion about road safety measures in construction zones, reported KhaoSod.

The area where the accident took place is known for its heavy traffic and ongoing development, including road construction. The incident has highlighted the potential hazards associated with construction sites, especially when they are not adequately marked or barricaded.

As the situation unfolds, many netizens have taken to social media to express their sympathies for those affected and to call for improved safety standards. The lack of immediate information about the occupants’ well-being has added to the urgency of the rescue efforts and the public’s demand for transparency.

Authorities have yet to release an official statement regarding the cause of the accident or the safety measures that were in place at the time.

In related news, a tragic bus accident in Samut Prakan province claimed three lives and injured 22 as a speeding bus plunged into a canal on a poorly lit construction road.

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