Elderly man alleges Chon Buri police assault after family dispute

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A 73 year old man brought to light a troubling incident involving Chon Buri police, claiming officers handcuffed and assaulted him in front of his daughter after a family dispute led to a report of physical assault against him. , Jamras Dokmaiwhai, residing in Chon Buri Province with his daughters and wife, expressed his desire for justice after the alleged police brutality that left him with injuries.

On February 5, at 9am, Jamras intended to donate a fan to a local temple event. He approached his youngest daughter’s house to ask for the fan, as she and her husband often donated to charity. However, the visit quickly turned sour when a few words led to his daughter striking him multiple times in the face. Upset and hurt, Jamras proceeded to the nearby police station to report the incident. The attending officer then accompanied him back home, where the situation escalated.

According to Jamras, upon returning home in a police truck, he was instructed to wait outside while officers entered the residence. Shortly after, the police emerged, accusing Jamras of trespassing and prompting an angry retort from him about the unreliability of the police. This led to a confrontation that resulted in another officer handcuffing Jamras and assaulting him, targeting his legs, neck, and torso, as his middle daughter and daughter-in-law pleaded with the police to stop.

Following the altercation, his daughter-in-law took care of his wounds, but fearing for his safety, Jamras left his home in Chon Buri to return to his birthplace in Chachoengsao. He insists that his account is factual and that CCTV footage from the scene can corroborate his story.

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Jamras’s call for justice is not only for himself but also as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that citizens, especially the elderly, can face when dealing with law enforcement. The incident raises concerns about police conduct and the need for accountability in the face of alleged abuse of power, reported KhaoSod.

Thai police officers’ conduct has significantly undermined public confidence, rendering them unreliable.

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