Golden guardian’s treasure trove: Thai security guard’s wealth unveiled as frugality shines

Picture courtesy of @artpapearn TikTok

A Thai security guard found bedecked in gold jewellery, including a thick gold chain, ring, and gold wristwatch, revealed the secret of his wealth to a local TikToker – frugality.

The TikToker, @artpapearn, today shared with his followers that the guard says he never spends his salary, collects old items to sell or gives out alms coins, and never touches his paycheck.

@artpapearn สัมภาษณ์ลุงคำรณ ยามโตโยต้า #ก็แค่ยามโตโยต้า #ช่างอาร์ท #อาร์ทพากิน ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – วชรากร เชดช335

In the shared video clip, the security guard can be seen engaging in a conversation with the TikTok poster. An eye-catching thick gold chain graces his neck along with a gold Buddha amulet. His wrist is adorned with a golden bracelet and his fingers boast gold rings. This raised curiosity about his income source and margin to afford such extravagant jewellery pieces.

In a recent discussion, the TikTok user managed to delve into the life of a wealthy security guard. It was revealed that the guard leads a frugal lifestyle and accrues his wealth by not spending his monthly salary. Instead, he accumulates antique items in his spare time after work, resells them, and uses that money for daily expenditures. He only spends around 60 baht daily, reported KhaoSod.

During his days off, if there’s a religious event, he takes the opportunity to collect alms coins. His earnings from a single event range from 100 baht to a staggering 1,750 baht. This unconventional way of managing his finances has allowed him to both maintain his lifestyle and assemble a stunning collection of gold jewellery.

As the video continues to garner views, the humble guard’s approach of using spare change for his daily expenses and storing his monthly salary has garnered widespread admiration among the netizens.

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