Samut Prakan teen girl attempted assault suspect arrested

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A suspect accused of attempting to assault a 15 year old student in Samut Prakan has been arrested.

The incident involved the suspect allegedly following the girl from school on his motorcycle to her residence, where he attempted to commit the assault. The girl’s quick thinking and cries for help thwarted the attack.

Police received a tip-off yesterday evening from a resident about a suspicious individual hiding near a market wall in the Eua Athorn housing project in Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan. Upon investigation, officers found 32 year old Worawat from Khlong Dan, Bang Bo, Samut Prakan, asleep at the specified location. The suspect was apprehended and taken to his brother’s house in Lat Wai to retrieve the clothes and shoes worn during the incident. He was then brought back to Bang Sao Thong police station for questioning.

Worawat confessed to the crime, stating that he encountered the victim by chance while riding his motorcycle. He denied following her from school, claiming he was on his way home to prepare for his night shift. Overcome by a sudden sexual urge upon seeing the victim, he followed her to her room with the intent to assault her. The attack was not premeditated, he insisted. He fled the scene when the victim screamed for help. Worawat then returned home, took a shower, and went to work as usual. After seeing news reports about the incident, he went into hiding near the market until his arrest.

The police are preparing to charge Worawat with indecent acts with a minor under 15 years old and trespassing. Additional charges of child abduction and attempted rape of a minor, are pending further investigation and victim interviews. Worawat will be taken to the Samut Prakan Provincial Court tomorrow for detention, with the police opposing bail. The suspect refused to participate in a crime reenactment due to safety concerns.

During the arrest, two officers sustained injuries from a struggle with the suspect. Both officers have received medical treatment at the hospital, reported KhaoSod.

ORIGINAL STORY: Teen girl narrowly escapes attempted rape in Samut Prakarn (video)

Police are searching for a Thai man who attempted to rape a 15 year old girl in her apartment at the Mueang Mai Bang Phli National Housing Authority in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok. The suspect was reportedly released from prison in February.

The 15 year old victim, dressed in a high school uniform, screamed for help and managed to escape the attempted rape with the help of her neighbours. The suspect successfully fled the scene on his motorcycle but officers from Bang Sao Thong Police Station are hunting for him.

In an interview with ThaiRath, the victim said the incident happened at around 4am yesterday, June 20. She arrived at her room after school and had to stay alone until her parents returned from work.

As she was about to enter the room, the suspect approached her from behind, grabbed her breasts and pushed her into the room. The man kept asking her to have sex with him and she refused.

She asked the man to leave and threatened to call the police but he was unafraid. He kept asking her to have sex, saying “Can I? Can I do it?”

The teenage girl saw the man touching his private parts as if he was going to masturbate or take his penis out, so she pushed him out of the room and started screaming for help. The man then fled the flat on his motorbike.

The girl added that she had never seen the man before in the community and suspected that he had been following her since she was at school.

The victim’s father told the media that he left work early after hearing about the incident. When he arrived, he found his daughter in the care of neighbours, crying.

The father checked the CCTV in the flat and the surrounding area, which clearly showed the suspect’s identity. He then filed a complaint against the man at Bang Sao Thong Police Station, along with the CCTV evidence.

Police reported that they successfully identified the suspect as a 30 year old former prisoner who was arrested many times before on drug cases. He had just been released from jail in February this year before committing the crime again.

Officers assured that they would be able to arrest the suspect within a few days.

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