Thai university student escapes attempted rape in dormitory

Photo via Channel 7

A Thai university student narrowly escaped an attempted rape in her dormitory in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen thanks to the help of her roommate.

The victim, a 19 year old woman named Wirakarn, told Channel 7 that the incident happened at around 9pm on Monday, January 15. She was waiting for the lift to go to her room on the 15th floor of her dormitory building and noticed a suspicious man in a red shirt waiting for the lift nearby.

Wirakarn explained that she felt like the man stalked her since she was outside the dormitory. Normally, dorm residents are required to have a keycard to enter the dorm. However, the keycard system was broken that day and the front door was left open allowing the man to enter.

Wirakarn immediately texted her roommate about the suspect and decided not to get in the lift alone with the man. While she was waiting, another Thai man who lived on the same floor as her arrived. So, Wirakarn got in the lift, thinking it would be safer to be with another man.

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When the lift reached the 15th floor, all three got out and the male resident went to his room. She was left alone in the corridor with the suspicious man, and what she feared happened.

As soon as Wirakarn opened her room door, the suspicious man approached her and pushed her into the room. Fortunately, Wirakarn’s roommate was ready and waited for her in the room. The roommate’s presence startled the man and he fled.

The dormitory security cameras captured the man’s suspicious actions and his identity. He had a skinhead haircut and wore a red shirt, long trousers, and flip flops. The man suspiciously looked around while he waited for the lift with the victim and kept staring at the security camera.

The CCTV camera on the 15th floor also showed the man running from Wirakarn’s room and pulling up his trousers after he took them off in the victim’s room with the intention to rape.

Wirakarn revealed that she reported the matter to the Mueang Khon Kaen Police Station and had moved out of the dormitory. She insisted that she did not know the man personally and had never seen him near the dormitory before.

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