Sadistic Thai father confesses to killing five children in chilling case

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Police officers further questioned the sadistic Thai father who brutally murdered his two year old daughter and confessed to the abuse and killing of four more of his five children from another marriage.

Officers from Bang Khen Police Station disclosed disturbing details surrounding the tragic demise of two year old Natekwansuda “Model” Songsaeng to the media. The police confirmed that Songsak Songsaeng typically carried out these acts of violence against the children when his wife, Sunan Nahuanin, was not at home.

Songsak admitted to the police that he harboured a strong aversion to the sound of children crying, which drove him to inflict brutal harm on them each time they shed tears. A thorough examination of Songsak’s mental health history has revealed that he had previously received treatment for mental health issues.

In a previous report, officers stated that Songsak had nine children with four different wives, but they later updated the press, indicating that he had ten children. His relationships with these wives overlapped considerably, leading to the children being of similar ages.

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During the course of questioning, Songsak chillingly disclosed that Model was not his only victim of abusive behaviour. Shockingly, he had previously subjected four other children to brutal violence, resulting in their tragic deaths.

According to the news outlet One 31, the deceased children were the offspring of Songsak from a different woman named Jadesada. These acts of abuse occurred while Jadesada was at work, making her unaware of the horrors taking place at home. Following the children’s deaths, Songsak threatened Jadesada, coercing her into not reporting the matter to the authorities and forcing her to conceal the bodies.

Jadesada followed Songsak’s instructions because she was afraid of him and frightened she would be arrested and imprisoned. The four children brutally murdered by Songsak were:

  • Six to seven month old boy named Sakda.
    Songsak murdered Sakda in a rental room in the Bang Khen district of Bangkok in 2012, and Jadesada buried the dead body at an abandoned plot of land in the Saimai neighbourhood of Bangkok.
  • One to two month old boy named Theeraparp.
    Songsak murdered Theeraparp at a condominium in the Kukot neighbourhood of Pathum Thani province in 2014. Jadesada hid the dead body at an abandoned plot of land in the Saimai neighbourhood of Bangkok.
  • Two month old boy named Thanasab.
    Songsak murdered Thanasab in a rental room in the Bang Khen district of Bangkok in 2016, and Jadesada hid the dead body near Chatuchak Park in Bangkok.
  • Less than one month old boy named Natthapong.
    Songsak murdered Sakda in a rental room in the Bang Khen district of Bangkok in 2017. Jadesada hid the dead body at an abandoned plot of land in the Saimai neighbourhood of Bangkok.

Officers announced they would summon Songsak’s wives for further questioning, including Jadesada who lives in the southern province of Chum Phon, and Sirinan and Sarinya who live in the southern province of Trang.

Before this case came to light, officers had discovered the bodies of two infants in Bangkok. DNA tests would be carried out to determine whether or not the two dead children were Songsak and Jadesada.


ORIGINAL STORY: Heartbreaking horror: Sadistic Thai father arrested for murdering 2 year old daughter

Police arrested a sick, sadistic Thai man who killed his two year old daughter and buried her under his wife’s house in the northern province of Kamphaeng Phet. Shockingly, the suspect also admitted to the horrific killing of three other children.

The tragic incident was uncovered after Thai social media influencer, Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, rescued two girls aged four and 12 years old who had suffered severe physical abuse at the hands of their 46 year old father, Songsak Songsaeng. The monstrous Songsak used a cigarette lighter to inflict grievous burns across their bodies.

Locals in the area could not bear Songsak’s abusive behaviour any longer and reported the matter to Gun. Gun managed to rescue the children from a house on Soi Pahon Yothin 48 in Bangkok’s Bang Khen district on September 10 after their parents fled the scene of barbarity.

After further investigation, Gun discovered that Songsak and his 40 year old wife, Sunan Nahuanin, had three children. The eldest of the trio, aged 12, was a child from Sunan’s previous marriage, while the other two were aged four and two.

Gun was unable to find the youngest girl, two year old Natekwansuda “Model” Songsaeng. Gun and an investigating officer spoke to the 12 year old girl about Model and learned that her parents had physically assaulted the little girl resulting in her death about four months ago.

Gun coordinated with police officers until Songsak and Sunan were arrested at a shopping mall in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok. Sunan initially denied the allegations, claiming she had never abused her children and that all of her wounds were self-inflicted.

Officers were not convinced by her confession and continued to interrogate the cruel couple until they confessed. The couple revealed that they had not intended to kill Model. Songsak physically assaulted the girl more severely than before and Model died in the Bangkok house.

To cover up the crime, the wicked couple took Model’s body to Sunan’s house in Kampaeng Phet province on May 21. They buried the girl under the kitchen floor and covered it with concrete before returning to Bangkok.

A rescue team rushed to Sunan’s house to retrieve Model’s body. Rescuers spent more than two hours digging and found Model’s body 70 centimetres under the kitchen floor. The body was covered in three layers of rubbish bags.

Sunan’s uncle, 60 year old Sangworn Luengthep, later revealed to police that the couple had four children, not three. The youngest boy, aged six months, was living with Sangworn and his wife in Kampaeng Phet province.

Sangworn explained that Sunan had left her children with him when they were born. When the children could speak and walk, Sunan would take them to live with her. Sangworn said he was shocked to learn of the murder.

The abusive father later confessed to the police that Model was not his only victim. He had killed three children before and buried their bodies in the Bang Khen and Saimai districts of Bangkok.

Songsak told officers that he had four previous wives and had nine children before marrying Sunan. He had one child with his first wife, one with his second wife, five with his third wife and two with his fourth wife.

Officers found that four of Songsak’s five children with his third wife had mysteriously disappeared. Further investigations would be conducted to determine the fate of the missing children.

The commander of Cyber Crime Investigation Division 4, Thittawat Suriyachai, told ThaiRath that the couple had no history of mental health treatment but would undergo a mental health examination.

The couple are in custody at Bang Khen Police Station. No charges have been filed against the couple yet, pending Model’s autopsy report and further investigation.

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