Infant murders uncovered: Polish father and daughter charged

Photo: Sanook.

Polish police have charged a Polish father and his daughter with murder and incest following the discovery of three newborn infants’ corpses in their home in the village of Cherniki, northern Poland.

Local police unearthed the first two infants’ bodies in a black bag buried near the house on Friday, before finding a third decomposing corpse on Saturday. The infant murders case came to light after villagers reported the father-daughter relationship as unusual, leading to an investigation into 54 year old Piotr, who had been previously accused of sleeping with his 20 year old daughter Paulina.

One neighbour told Super Express, a Polish newspaper, that the community had seen Paulina’s older sister flee the house due to Piotr’s sexual abuse. After her departure, Piotr began abusing his other daughter instead.

Another neighbour, however, painted a more pleasant picture of Piotr, noting he appeared to be a good father, did not drink and often took his children out for walks or mushroom picking, like any other father, thus raising no suspicions of the horrors happening within the household.

The prosecutor speculated that two of the three babies were likely the product of consensual relations, while the third might be the offspring of another daughter who was sexually abused. It’s unclear whether this daughter is the one who had fled.

One of Paulina’s co-workers had previously suspected her pregnancy due to her loose clothing and noticeable weight gain after a three-week absence from work. When queried about a possible pregnancy, Paulina would blush and immediately deny it.

Authorities are now awaiting autopsy results to determine the babies’ cause of death, while police continue to search the residence for additional infant bodies, reported Sanook.

The disturbing trend of infant murders is a matter of serious concern. In a recent incident, an 18 year old Thai man reportedly confessed to the killing of his two month old niece. The child’s constant crying was cited as the reason behind this tragic act. Read more HERE.

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