Royal guard dismissed for misconduct without pension

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A recent royal command has resulted in the dismissal of a Royal Security Command officer from military service and the royal guard, without a pension, due to severe misconduct. The order, which became effective on May 5, was announced in the Royal Gazette yesterday. The officer in question is Colonel Chaimethi Phubodiwarochuphan, who served in the office of the deputy commander of the 3rd Royal Guard Unit. As a result of the dismissal, Chaimethi has lost his military rank, and all royal decorations that have been granted to him, and he will not receive a pension.

The royal command stated that Chaimethi had introduced undesirable individuals into the royal palace, causing disarray and harming the reputation of the royal institution. This serious violation of palace protocol led to the decision to terminate his connection to the military and the royal guard.

While instances of royal guard dismissals are uncommon, this event serves as a reminder for all members of the royal security forces to remain vigilant and uphold their responsibilities to maintain the sanctity and dignity of the royal institution. The swift action taken in this case is also seen as a message to others serving in similar capacities, signalling that any actions or behaviours that could tarnish the reputation of the royal institution will not be tolerated.

Moreover, the consequences of such actions carry significant ramifications, both professionally and personally. Losing one’s rank, decorations, and pension can have a substantial impact on an individual’s life and career, as well as their family’s well-being. Thus, it is essential for those in positions of power, such as those in the royal security forces, to be held accountable for their actions.

In addition, this incident highlights the importance of security and discretion within the royal institution. The consequences of granting undesired individuals access to the palace can be dangerous and have a far-reaching impact on the security and reputation of the royal family. By addressing this issue head-on and making the outcomes public, the royal institution underscores its commitment to maintaining a high standard of security and conduct.

Furthermore, the dismissal of Chaimethi serves as a warning to those who attempt to undermine the royal family and its reputation, which has been venerated in Thai culture for centuries. As a highly respected institution, maintaining this level of esteem is crucial for the continued stability and unity within Thailand, and incidents such as these will not be taken lightly.

The royal command dismissing Colonel Chaimethi Phubodiwarochuphan without pension exemplifies the seriousness with which the royal institution deals with misconduct, regardless of the individual’s position within the hierarchy. This event serves as a reminder to all members of the royal security forces and those in positions of power to maintain the integrity, security, and reputation of the royal institution. To ensure continued harmony and stability in Thailand, strict adherence to royal protocols is essential, and any actions that threaten the sanctity of the institution will be met with decisive actions, reports Bangkok Post.

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