Security guard stomps on American tourist’s head in Phuket (video)

Screenshot via ThaiRathTV

An American tourist is seeking justice after being stomped on by a security guard at a pub in Phuket, southern Thailand, at 4am on April 9. The injured tourist decided to take the case to Thai media after the police failed to take action more than a week after he reported the crime. Police deny delaying the investigation and say the case is now closed after fining the perpetrator 1000 baht (US$29).

On the evening of April 8, 33 year old Bryce Alan Terzian went to Laguna Plaza Bar on Wiset Road in Rawai district, where he got into an altercation with the DJ. In a chaotic CCTV footage clip, Terzian is pictured fighting with the DJ when three security guards step in to break up the fight and drag the tourist away from the DJ.

One of the security guards stomps on the American’s face so hard that it broke his nose.

The next day, the tourist filed a police complaint at Chalong Police Station and provided a medical certificate from Chalong Hospital which stated that his nose was broken.

The tourist said that the police told him they would ring him the next day. However, Terzian said police still hadn’t contacted him after one week, so he decided to go to ThaiRathTV and explain his story in the hopes it would stimulate the police to take action.

Less than 12 hours after the report, Phuket Provincial Police posted on Facebook to admit they had received a police complaint on April 10 and were investigating the case. Police said they could not assess CCTV footage (despite it already circulating online) until receiving a physical examination report of the American’s injuries.

Three hours ago, Phuket Provincial Police posted on Facebook again to say that the case is now “complete” because they arrested the perpetrator, Prasert Madsatun, on charges of physical assault and fined him 1,000 baht for stomping on the tourist.

The police’s post said that a medical report dated April 17 only identified abrasions on the American’s left leg which can be cured in one day. The police didn’t mention the tourists’ broken nose, which was as evidenced in a certificate by doctors at Chalong Hospital on April 9.

The post further explained that the police were investigating the bar where the incident occurred for, “opening an entertainment venue without permission.” No bar in Thailand is permitted to be open at 4am.

The Phuket News reports that the bar, “Laguna Bar,” is actually now called “Club Zhu” after a grand reopening in August last year.

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