Roadside ricochet: Thai truck driver shot by mistake when driving in Isaan province (video)

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A sedan driver surrendered to the police after he shot a truck driver by mistake on the 304 Nakhon Ratchasima-Kabin Buri Road in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima on December 12.

Pak Thong Chai Police Station officers and rescuers dashed to the incident scene to meet with the 60 year old gunman named Sittichai Wataukana and the 25 year old victim named Thawatchai Tornongna. Thawatchai was suffering from a gun wound to his left arm. A gunshot hole was also spotted on his 22-wheel truck, and a .38 gun bullet shell was found on the road.

The gunman, Sittichai, parked his black sedan near the truck and waited for the police so he could turn himself in. He admitted to the police that he had mistaken Thawatchai for another rival truck driver who had annoyed him on the road.

Sittichai claimed that he was driving on the left side of the road when a truck closely approached from behind. The truck driver signalled him to move to the left lane by flashing his headlights. Although Sittichai promptly complied, he felt angered. Subsequently, he accelerated, positioned his car in front of the truck, and awaited the arrival of the opposing driver to shoot him.

The victim, Thawatchai, shared with Channel 8 that he was transporting goods to a customer in the central province of Prachin Buri. Observing a black sedan and another truck engaged in a 2-kilometre-long road conflict, he found himself stuck behind the two vehicles, attempting to distance himself.

Noticing the truck shifting to the left lane, followed by the sedan, Thawatchai accelerated into the right lane to escape the situation. However, he heard a striking sound on his car window and later discovered that he had been shot.

No gunman apology

Thawatchai said he got out of his vehicle and asked Sittichai why he had shot him. Sittichai said he had a conflict with the truck driver and was angry. Thawatchai replied that he had shot the wrong truck driver and that he had witnessed the game of cat and mouse incident involving them.

Sittichai said he admitted his guilt and was shocked to learn of his mistake and decided to wait for the police so he could surrender at the scene.

Despite Sittichai’s confession and acknowledgement of guilt, Thawatchai did not receive an apology following the incident. The gravity of the situation is underscored by the fact that had the bullet struck other parts of his body he would have died.

Thawatchai elaborated, stating that he faces a monthly truck installment of 70,000 baht and, as a result of the shooting, has lost his entire source of income due to his inability to work. Undeterred, Thawatchai affirmed his determination not to drop the case and vowed to pursue legal action against Sittichai in the pursuit of justice.

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