Thai-Saudi economic extravaganza: Mega Fair 2023 takes Riyadh by storm

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The Thailand Mega Fair 2023 descended upon the Arena Riyadh, heralding a four-day fiesta of premium Thai products and services that has the Saudi Arabian capital buzzing with excitement until Saturday, December 16.

Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara, doubling as deputy prime minister, kicked off the festivities with an inauguration that not only marked the start of the grand event but also symbolised the robust partnership between the two nations. Speaking passionately, Parnpree highlighted Thailand’s strategic shift towards a sustainable New Growth Path, anchored in green growth, innovation-driven progress, and community-based development.

“Thai economic diplomacy is evolving, and our commitment to this new path is unwavering.”

Thailand, with a vision for a future marked by eco-friendliness and innovation, is set to join hands with Saudi Arabia in a collaboration that spans various sectors. The Foreign Minister articulated Thailand’s pledge to foster knowledge exchange and technological advancement by partnering with Saudi sectors. The Middle Eastern giant, in turn, stands as a vital ally in shaping Thai eco-friendly practices, promoting renewable energy, and advancing a circular economy.

With over 120 Thai corporations and SMEs taking the spotlight at the mega affair, Arena Riyadh has transformed into a bustling marketplace of diverse offerings. From tantalising food and beverages to health and wellness innovations, captivating fragrances, glittering jewellery, and cutting-edge clean energy solutions – the Thai presence is all-encompassing, reported The Nation.

Notably, the extravaganza isn’t a solo act; Saudi and other Middle Eastern firms have also stepped into the limelight. This synergy allows Thai businesses unprecedented access to Saudi and Middle Eastern consumer markets. Beyond product displays, Thai companies are strategically eyeing the expansion of business-matching networks, fostering trade, attracting investments, and promoting tourism.

The Thailand Mega Fair 2023 is not merely a spectacle, it’s a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Board of Trade of Thailand and Index Creative Village PLC, in partnership with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment and General Authority for Foreign Trade. Together, they’ve crafted an economic spectacle that goes beyond national boundaries, promising a legacy of strengthened ties and mutually beneficial endeavours.

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