Rangers find camp where poachers grilled the meat of 2 tigers

PHOTO: Rangers find a poacher camp with pelts and meat of 2 Bengal tigers cooking. (via Piyarat Chongcharoen)

A team of park rangers patrolling in Thong Pha Phum National Park in Kanchanaburi near the Thai-Burmese border followed a smoke trail to uncover a camp of poachers. 5 suspects fled into the forest and the rangers were left with the horrific sight of 2 Bengal tiger pelts strung up to dry while a campfire grill sizzled with the flesh of the tigers cooking on it.

The Protected Area Regional Office 3 released details today after the patrol that took place from January 8 to January 10 that was intended to curb forestry violations but tracked down the illegal poachers after receiving a tip-off that a wildlife hunt had been planned along the border.

On the morning of January 9, at about 10 am, the rangers on patrol saw the black smoke of a campsite 3 or 4 kilometres from the Burmese border near Pilok brook and followed it until they saw 5 people sitting at a camp. But as they crept closer to catch the men, dogs at the site began barking, alerting the men at the campsite to the presence of the rangers and allowing them a chance to flee. The authorities gave chase but lost the men quickly, commenting that they appeared to know the trails of the forest very well.

At the camp though, the rangers discovered the carcass of a cow that they believe was used as bait to lure in the 2 tigers, the flesh and pelts of which remained at the camp. They also found 4 hunting weapons and numerous other items left behind at the camp.

In a strange twist, yesterday as officials were going through all the items seized from the camp, they received a phone call from a man who gave his name and requested that a shotgun taken from the scene be returned to him. He said it belonged to a defence volunteer who he also named. Now police are seeking the man who made the call and the defence volunteer he referenced in it along with anyone else involved in the poaching.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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