Power cables on Bangkok’s Sarasin Road go underground

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), under the leadership of Khajon Srichawanothai, reported a triumph in the endeavour to relocate power cables underground along Sarasin Road.

Amidst the verdant expanse of Lumpini Park, Pathumwan District, Bangkok, a historic announcement ceremony unfolded last Friday, March 8. Joined by Chadchart Sittipunt, Bangkok Governor, Vilas Chalaysat, MEA Governor, and a cadre of network executives, the MEA showcased the fruition of their labour: the successful relocation of power cables underground along Sarasin Road.

“The project to move the aerial power cables underground is one of the government’s important projects that will help develop stability and the reliability of the electrical system, support the rapidly expanding demand for electricity use by businesses and private agencies, and enhance the beauty of Bangkok’s scenery.

“It also helps to increase safety for people in the area of Sarasin Road, which is one of the important roads in the economy with significant business and government locations including hospitals and Lumpini Park.”

The transition underground promises to fortify the resilience and dependability of Bangkok’s electrical grid, a vital lifeline in the face of burgeoning energy demands.

However, beyond the tangible benefits lies a deeper layer of significance: the safeguarding of Sarasin Road and its environs. Recognised as a pivotal thoroughfare within Bangkok’s economic tapestry, Sarasin Road hosts an array of bustling enterprises and governmental institutions, alongside the serene sanctuary of Lumpini Park, reported Bangkok Post.

By mitigating the risk posed by overhead cables, this transformation ensures not only the uninterrupted flow of commerce but also the enhanced security and well-being of those traversing the area.

In related news, an investigation conducted on February 12 at the Government Housing Project in Pattaya revealed an electricity meter tampering scandal. Led by the project manager, in collaboration with Na Jomtien police investigators and representatives from the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Jomtien branch, the inspection was prompted by irregularities in electricity consumption patterns within Building 12.

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