Fake Hi-So man swindles over 10 million baht from women

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Police arrested a Thai man who created a fake Hi-So (high society) profile to swindle more than 30 women out of over 10 million baht. A number of his victims were too embarrassed to report the crime to the police, allowing the man to continue his deceitful operations for years.

However, several victims did come forward to file a complaint against the fraudster. He is a Thai man named Thanathorn, also known as Sia Meen Vogue. The victims accused him of swindling their money and stealing their assets. According to the victims, Thanathorn’s profile on various social media platforms portrays him as a handsome and wealthy man.

On social media, Thanathorn shared pictures of himself standing next to luxury cars, donning designer-branded clothes and wearing expensive accessories. He also posted money transfer receipts for large sums of money and pretended to be friends with the real rich and famous.

Thanathorn flirted with many women on social media and many victims thought he was the man of their dreams. Unfortunately, their dreams turned into a nightmare after Thanathorn began borrowing their money, tricking them into giving him their valuables or stealing their assets.

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On Friday, October 27, one of the victims alerted police after seeing Thanathorn jogging in a public park in Bangkok’s Chatuchak district. Police tracked him down and arrested him while he was trying to trick a woman into pawning her car and giving him the money.

Thanathorn confessed that his real name was Krittidate. He claimed that his parents divorced when he was four years old and he could not afford an education, so he decided to make a living by scamming people. He said he used his handsome face to attract women’s attention and borrow their money.

Thanathorn said he would borrow a million baht at a time but it was never enough because he was addicted to online gambling. Thanathorn admitted he had swindled money from the victims but also contradicted himself by strongly denying any involvement in the theft of their assets or belongings.

Police were unconvinced as they had clear evidence of Thanathorn’s actions. Officers also urged other victims to come forward with complaints and evidence so that Thanathorn could be properly punished and prevented from repeating the scam.

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