Police warn of AI scam using fake video calls in Lamphun

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Police in Lamphun issued a public warning about con artists using artificial intelligence (AI) to create convincing video calls impersonating police officers. A recent incident involved scammers using the image of a female officer, Ploy, to deceive the public.

The police reported that fraudsters took a still image of Ploy, who manages a social media page called Accountant Aspires to be a Police Officer, and manipulated it using AI technology. This technology enabled them to make her mouth move in sync with their voice, creating a realistic but fake video call. The con artists then posed as officers from Lamphun City Police Station during these calls, misleading unsuspecting victims.

Ploy emphasised that the deceptive calls have caused significant confusion, making some people mistakenly believe she was part of the scam.

“This is not the first time such an incident has occurred.”

The police department emphasised that they do not use the Line application for official communication. They urged the public to be cautious and not to fall for such scams, clarifying that any official contact would be made through formal channels, such as government-issued letters or summons.

The warning highlighted the increasing sophistication of scammers who now leverage advanced technology to trick people. The police explained that the fraudsters use AI to synchronise the movements of the person’s face with pre-recorded audio, making the video seem genuine. This tactic can easily deceive individuals who are unaware of such technological manipulations.

“We urge the public not to trust unsolicited video calls claiming to be from government officials.”

Police advised citizens to verify the identity of the caller through official means before engaging in any conversation, especially if it involves sensitive information or financial transactions.

In light of these events, the police have ramped up their efforts to educate the public about the dangers of AI-based scams. They have provided guidelines on how to identify and report suspicious activities. Citizens are encouraged to contact the police directly if they receive any dubious communications, reported KhaoSod.

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