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Police shot dead in high-speed chase with suspect

A patrol officer from Pak Chong Police Station in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima was shot dead on duty while chasing a motorcycle rider who looked suspicious last night. The search for the gunman is underway.

The body of 28 year old lance corporal police officer Autthapon Boonme was found on the side of Khao Thai Sayan-Pak Chong SAO Road in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Autthapon was shot seven times in the face and lay in a pool of blood. He was still breathing when the rescue team arrived but later died at the hospital.

A woman who witnessed the incident and reported the death to the police was Orasa Yodchomyarn. The 24 year old informed the police that she was on her way to a petrol station at 9pm last night when she saw Autthapon driving a motorcycle at a high speed chasing another motorcycle rider.

Orasa said the suspicious rider wore a grey jumper with a hoody and rode a Honda Wave motorcycle. Orasa said she saw the pair ride past her and then she heard the sound of gunshots.

The witness said she refuelled at the petrol station and spotted the body of the dead officer while riding back home.

The Commander of the Provincial Police Region 3’s Police Investigation Department, Choosawat Janrojkij, reported to the media that the patrol police do not usually patrol alone. They always work in pairs, but Autthapon’s partner was not available and he had to go on duty alone.

Autthapon reported via walkie-talkie that he was going to patrol the Mor Din Daeng community, and then he vanished.

Choosawat explained that officers were searching security cameras on the road and nearby areas to detect the gunman. Another team is investigating the community in the area as they believe the suspect is a member of the nearby community.

Petch Petpailin

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