Police seize 100 fake visa documents and work permits offered for Thais to work aboard

The Immigration Bureau reports that they raided a Bangkok company that allegedly offered fake documents and visas for Thai people who wanted to work aboard. The officers say they found counterfeit documents for submitting to the embassy and fake work permits for applying for work with more than 60 companies in foreign countries.

Yesterday, the immigration police reported that their officers raided a company in the Don Mueang area of Bangkok on April 1 after a police insider had reported that the company allegedly prepared documents for Thai people who wanted to work or travel aboard.

Seven Thai staff were arrested at the company’s office. The police also seized 42 fake logo stamps, 5 computers, 100 copies of counterfeit documents to claim a visa, and fake work permits to apply to foreign companies.

The company management say they launched the business and advertised online to draw attention of Thai customers who needed a visa to work overseas. The fees for producing the fake documents were different according to the countries.

Police raid company that offers fake documents and visas to Thai people
PHOTO: Fake logo stamps, equipment used to produce counterfeit documents, and the company’s office near Don Mueang | Immigration Bureau

SOURCE: Immigration Bureau

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