Police search 2 rooms Thitisan and subordinated used; unknown powder and drugs allegedly found

PHOTO: Crystal Park Condominium/Facebook

Police investigating the now-infamous case of the man who died in police custody in Nakhon Sawan, a northern Thai province, have searched a condominium room used by former police station chief, Thitisan Utthanaphon, and a subordinate’s apartment, today. The search was conducted by local police and investigators from the Crime Suppression Division. The investigators say they found a suspicious powdered substance in Thitisan’s room at Crystal Park Condominium in Nakhon Sawan. The envelopes were seized by investigators as evidence.

The Bangkok Post says the room was used by the former Chief when he wanted to take a shower. An unidentified source from within the team says the officials are investigating claims that Thitisan suffers from bipolar disorder. A different CSD team searched an apartment that officer Wisut Bunkhiew used. The team says they discovered illicit drugs in the unit.

Yesterday, a criminal court approved the police’s request to transfer all 7 suspects to the Klong Prem Central Prison in Bangkok. The date for the transfer is unknown but it is expected to take place sometime next week. The suspects will have to be screened for Covid and undergo a 21 day quarantine as well as being isolated from other inmates, says corrections Department director general Ayut Sinthoppan.

It was also stated yesterday that the head of a regional prosecutor’s office, Somphong Yenkaew, claims the former Nakhon Sawan district police superintendent intended to kill the suspect.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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