Police hunt for cowardly thug who hit Thai girlfriend with gun on Pattaya Beach

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Police are on the hunt for a cowardly thug who hit his Thai girlfriend on the head with a gun and fired a shot into the sky in the early hours of this morning on Pattaya Beach, 200 metres away from the Mueang Pattaya Police Station.

Officers from Mueang Pattaya Police Station and Sawang Borriboon Rescue rushed to Pattaya Beach at 4am today after being notified of the shooting. Upon arrival, they discovered a large crowd surrounding the victim, Porncharita Pragaisri. The 20 year old sustained injuries to her forehead and nose and had a broken ring finger on her right hand.

Friends of the victim informed the police that the suspect was Porncharita’s boyfriend. He approached them while they were sitting on the beach and loudly threatened them not to intervene while he spoke with Porncharita. The friends explained that no one dared get involved, so they let them talk.

An argument ensued between the couple before the man suddenly struck Porncharita on the head with the gun. The friends then came to stop the action making the man angry. He pointed the gun at one of the friends and attempted to fire it. Luckily, the gun failed to discharge.

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Then, the attacker shot into the sky and left the scene in a hurry on his motorcycle. The victim’s friends reported that they were frightened while nearby beachgoers were shocked.

Porncharita informed officers that she argued with her boyfriend before going to the beach with friends. The man followed her to the beach and attempted to speak with her, but she refused. The discussion ended in a fight, which was followed by the attack.

The identity of the attacker has not yet been reported, and he remains at large. Police officers are currently checking security cameras to help locate him and have promised the victim that he will be apprehended as soon as possible.

This is not the first shooting that has happened on Pattaya Beach. Last year, two groups of students, aged about 16 years old, fought and fired into the air. They ignored the police station that was located nearby the scene. Some of the group were still in their school uniforms.

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