Police demand CCTV footage of escalator accident from Bangkok airport

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Officers from the Don Mueang Police Station issued a demand to Don Mueang International Airport to provide them with the CCTV footage of the escalator accident that occurred on June 29. The police have set a deadline for the airport to comply with their request by the end of this week, warning that a summon warrant will be issued if the airport refuses to cooperate.

The investigation is focused on determining the cause of the accident, which resulted in the amputation of 57 year old Suphannee Kittirattana’s leg. The victim collapsed on the escalator, and her leg was drawn into the machine. To shed light on the incident, Don Mueang Police have been seeking CCTV footage from the airport since the day of the incident, but they have not yet received a response.

Superintendent Adirek Thonggam of the Don Mueang Police Station revealed that discussions took place during a meeting with the airport authorities. He expressed the hope that the airport, which has previously cooperated with the police in similar cases, would continue to cooperate in this investigation.

Adirek clarified that the police intend to expedite the processing of the case rather than cause unnecessary delay. However, if the CCTV footage is not provided within the specified timeframe, a summon warrant will be issued against the airport.

In addition, it was mentioned that the victim has not yet been questioned by the authorities due to her current location in the cleanroom. This precautionary measure is being taken to minimize the potential risk of infection during the investigation.

The police are committed to uncovering the circumstances surrounding the escalator accident promptly and ensuring a thorough investigation.


UPDATE: Surgical setback: Airport amputation victim’s reattachment hopes dashed for safety reasons

The son of a woman who suffered the loss of her leg at Don Mueang International Airport revealed that the planned reattachment surgery was cancelled due to concerns about his mother’s safety. The incident occurred when the woman collapsed on an escalator at the airport Wednesday morning.

Prompt action was taken to rescue her, and she was swiftly transported to the hospital for medical care. At first, the doctor was hopeful about the potential for reattaching her leg. However, the latest update from the victim’s son, Krit Kittirattnana, revealed that the doctor has decided against the leg reattachment due to potential complications.

Krit revealed yesterday evening that his mother received surgery on her leg at 4.30pm at Bammrungrad International Hospital. The leg was severed 10 centimetres above her knee.

According to Krit, the surgical outcome was impressive, but his mother’s emotional state is not yet stable. On a scale of one to ten, he rates her mental state as a five.

Krit took to his Facebook account to speak about his mother today, June 30. He first expressed his appreciation to everyone for their encouragement and support. He revealed that he and his family were shocked by the incident but had to compose themselves to support his mother.

Krit disclosed that he and the family had not yet talked to the mother about what had happened to her at the time because their mother is not ready to talk about it. The family also avoided talking about the airport.

Krit stated in the post…

“It is a heartbreaking incident. I admit that it is difficult for me and my family. I am sad every time I see the news and every time I think about my mother and her condition. But we have to fight the issue. I know that my mother is now fighting with it too.

“I cannot find words to explain my feelings when I first saw the mother after the accident. The officer carried a foam box containing her leg while the mother was lying on a stretcher. I cannot say how I feel when I saw that scene.”

Krit revealed that his mother is strong but admitted she will be deeply shattered inside.

Krit was not sure whether the initial surgery would be the last operation for his mother but added the family is more worried about her mental state than her physical state. The family would later seek a specialist to talk to address this matter with her.

Krit ended his post by stating…

“Even though our family will never be the same after this accident, we will always remain united, just as we were before.”


UPDATE: Old escalator potentially the cause of tragic accident at Bangkok Airport

Authorities at Don Mueang Airport reported that an old escalator caused the tragic accident resulting in a Thai woman losing her leg.

During a press conference this afternoon, airport director Karun Thanakunjeeraphat provided an update on the victim’s condition. The victim requested a transfer from Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital to Banrungrad International Hospital. The latter hospital has since announced the good news that her leg can be reattached.

According to Karun, an investigation into the accident is still ongoing, with both airport authorities and external specialists.

The director revealed that the escalator in question was manufactured by Hitachi and has been in operation since 1996. The system has not been updated in 27 years and its sensor differs from those found on newer escalators. Karun also disclosed that the company confirmed that the airport could continue using the escalator with proper maintenance.

However, Karun insisted that the airport has no intention of continuing to use the escalator. There is a plan in place to replace several outdated escalators throughout the airport by 2025. However, following the accident, the airport is now considering expediting the replacement process.

Karun promised the media that he would update the cause of the accident to the news agencies and the public as soon as the investigation ends.

In a separate press conference, the Deputy Spokesperson from the Thai Sang Thai Party, Sornthep Rojpojjanarat, revealed that the government and the airport were warned and told to check all of the systems in the airport before easing pandemic-related entry measures. Nevertheless, the warning was ignored.

Sornthep questioned why the government wanted to spend 3 million baht on a new terminal at the airport instead of using the budget to improve the security system and facilities at existing terminals.

Sornthep also mentioned that in a Boutique Adventure survey, Don Mueang International Airport ranked as the 26th most dangerous airport out of the 29 they surveyed globally.


ORIGINAL STORY: Thai woman loses leg on Bangkok airport escalator

A Thai woman tragically lost her leg after collapsing on an escalator at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok today.

The Director of the Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok, Karun Thanakunjeeraphat, revealed the accident took place around 8.30am today, June 29. He reported that the accident happened at an escalator in the South Corridor between Pier 4 and Pier 5 of the domestic passenger terminal 2.

According to the picture shared by the airport, the accident occurred at the end of the moving walkway. According to the report, the victim was en route to travel to the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. While she was on the walkway, she collapsed, and then her leg was drawn into the machine, up to the kneecap. Karun explained the sequence of events captured on the CCTV footage, stating…

“From the CCTV footage, it appears that the passenger’s left leg was struck by a suitcase while she was on the escalator. She subsequently fell, and her leg was pulled down.”

Airport staff reacted promptly, providing immediate assistance and hurriedly rushing the victim to the Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital. However, the severity of her injuries led to the unfortunate amputation of her leg.

All of the involved escalators were temporarily discontinued while the engineering team investigated the cause of the accident.

The airport made an official statement about the matter at 11.30am revealing that the authorities had visited the victim in hospital, and the airport is willing to provide full support on treatment costs and compensation. The airport stated…

“We deeply regret the distressing incident at Don Mueang Airport and are fully committed to providing care, covering medical expenses and necessary compensation.”

Many Thai netizens urged the authorities to provide the result of the thorough investigation as soon as possible. Some netizens agreed that the incident reminded them of a similar case that occurred three to four years ago when the escalator pulled a shoe of a Thai man beneath the platform.

The victim revealed his experience on Facebook in 2019. He explained that he walked normally on the moving walkway when he suddenly felt something pulling his shoe. He tried to retrieve his shoes and eventually decided to take them off. Immediately, the escalator pulled his shoe beneath the platform.

The man stated that he shared his experience to warn the others. He said if he did not take off his shoe in time, it could have been his foot trapped beneath the escalator instead of his shoe. He added that all he received from the airport was an apology message via SMS.


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