Party pooped: Police bust drug bash, nabbing 68 in Si Racha raid

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Drug-fuelled revelry came to an abrupt end when police raided an illegal party in the early hours of this morning, apprehending 68 young men and women for substance abuse in Si Racha, Chon Buri. The raid, carried out at 4am today, February 28, netted a horde of narcotics and a firearm, signalling a crackdown on the rampant drug problem plaguing the area.

The enthusiastic dance party, replete with high-tech lighting and loud music, was in full swing when law enforcement descended upon the unnumbered house in the Bang Phra sub-district. The revellers, lost in a haze of intoxication, were caught off guard as police ordered the music off and lights on. A thorough search revealed 39 young men and 29 young women, all seemingly in the throes of drug-induced euphoria.

A cache of illicit substances was uncovered, including methamphetamine, MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy), crystal meth, and ketamine, all packaged in numerous plastic bags. Accompanying the drugs, officers found paraphernalia used for consumption, and a gun, further intensifying the gravity of the situation, reported KhaoSod.

Initial investigations indicated that the group had convened from various parts of Si Racha and the infamous nightlife hub of Pattaya. The party, organised through mutual agreement, was on the radar of the police following a tip-off to the investigative unit. The successful operation was a testament to the ongoing efforts to eradicate such illegal gatherings, which often serve as hotbeds for drug distribution and use.

Presently, the apprehended individuals are undergoing urine tests as part of the legal proceedings.

In related news, Thai police have raided a prominent resort in Phetchaburi, dismantling a drug party and detaining over 60 teenagers.

Nearly all of those detained tested positive in drug tests, with the urine turning purple. The operation, which occurred at 5am on December 23, led to the seizure of considerable illegal substances.

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