Phetchaburi resort drug party raided, over 60 teens detained

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Thai police have raided a prominent resort in Phetchaburi, dismantling a drug party and detaining over 60 teenagers.

Nearly all of those detained tested positive in drug tests, with the urine turning purple. The operation, which occurred at 5am today, December 23, led to the seizure of considerable illegal substances.

Police Major General Pongsiri Kengnok, the head of the Phetchaburi Provincial Police Station, and Pol. Maj. Gen. Aphirak Pheumchai, the head of the Ban Lat Police Station, led the operation. The team comprised special operations officers from the Phetchaburi Provincial Police Station, detectives from Region 7, and the special operations unit Intri 7, totalling over 60 officers.

The operation was part of a special campaign to crackdown on drug abuse during the New Year holiday. The teams stormed a notorious resort in Ban Lat District, Phetchaburi Province, where they arrested a group of more than 60 teenagers, both males and females, who were holding a drug party. They seized various kinds of drugs and one imitation gun.

The detained teenagers were taken for drug testing, and nearly all of them tested positive as their urine turned purple. The police then contacted their parents and handed the teenagers over to the investigation officers for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

The raids and subsequent arrests are part of a broader strategy to crackdown on drug abuse during the New Year holiday. The authorities are determined to maintain law and order, ensuring that the festive period is celebrated responsibly and safely.

In related news, back in August, a high-end birthday party turned into a drug raid and saw the arrest of 40 young, affluent individuals at a hotel in the Ram Inthra district. Notably among them, 30 were detained and escorted to Chokchai Police Station for questioning. The suspects possessed four packages of crystal methamphetamine and a further 26 had tested positive for drug use.

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