Principled leadership: MFP chief Pita stresses substance over style for new Thai Cabinet

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Pita Limjaroenrat, the leader of the Move Forward Party, shared his views on the newly formed Thai Cabinet, asserting that his judgment of individuals will be based on principles rather than appearances. He extended his well wishes to the new Cabinet, expressing hope that they would successfully fulfil the promises made during the election campaign. Pita noted that during the pre-election debate, all political parties had presented similar pledges.

The 42 year old politician underscored the importance of the government’s commitment to its digital footprint and the promises it made to the electorate during the election campaign. He emphasized that if the government pledged to reform the army, it should follow through, and if it promised improved transportation for all, it should deliver on that commitment.

Irrespective of his role, Pita affirmed his dedication to working to safeguard the interests of the public. He stated that he would continue his efforts, whether inside or outside of Parliament. Pita also stressed the importance of working collaboratively with those holding differing views to demonstrate that politics can be inclusive.

When questioned about the time the government should be given to prove its effectiveness before facing scrutiny, Pita referred to Natthawut Saikua, the former Secretary-General of the For Thais Party. Natthawut had previously remarked that there was no time for a honeymoon period as the public had been awaiting solutions to their difficulties for too long. Hence, the government must act swiftly.

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Regarding the government’s policy debate, Pita revealed his anticipation of receiving the policy document from the government. He urged a swift delivery to allow for approximately five days of study before the debate, highlighting that a mere two to three days would not suffice given the document’s complexity.

As for the position of the opposition leader in the House of Representatives, Pita indicated that he would await the verdict of his case, currently pending in the Constitutional Court. According to Article 106 of the Thai Constitution, this position must be held by the leading party’s MP, with no provision for it to pass to other parties. If Pita returns to Parliament, the individual who previously held the opposition leader role should complete their term, as circumstances have evolved.

In discussions concerning the by-election in Rayong, the Move Forward Party has scheduled a gathering of its MPs nationwide on Sunday, September 10, starting from 8am. This rally aims to instil confidence in the people of Rayong and encourage them to exercise their voting rights. The objective is to regain the Rayong District 3 seat for the Move Forward Party.

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