Phuket police on the hunt for alleged shoplifting foreigner

Sino-Portuguese Building, the old Building in Phuket Old Town, Phuket

A foreign man reportedly stole snacks from a Phuket shop on two separate occasions. The shopkeeper alleges the foreigner first stole snacks back in January, after he came to the store with a Thai woman. The woman paid for her items, while the man allegedly stole 228 baht worth of snacks. The man reported the alleged theft to Phuket City Police the next day.

Thai media has reported the suspect as a “handsome foreign man,” publishing a photo, possibly from social media, of a man with his shirt unbuttoned, showing his six-pack.

The shopkeeper now alleges the foreigner stole snacks again on Sunday, stuffing the snacks into his trousers. The shopkeeper claims the foreigner came to the shop with a Thai woman, and also another foreign man this time. He says this time, the foreigner stole 186 baht worth of snacks. On Monday, the shopkeeper filed a complaint.

The shop is located in the Phuket Old Town area. The shopkeeper showed CCTV footage of the foreigner putting snacks in his trousers, and leaving the shop without paying. Anyone who might know the foreigner is asked to contact Phuket City Police.

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In January, a foreigner stole 3,600 baht from a Phuket taxi driver. He was arrested, and forced to give driver his 3,600 baht back, plus an additional 400 baht for the trouble caused, totaling 4,000 baht.

Phuket police on the hunt for alleged shoplifting foreigner | News by Thaiger
Screenshot from Daily News

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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