Phuket police hunt bus staffer after tourist’s restroom harassment claim

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Phuket police are actively searching for a bus employee who allegedly sexually harassed a female foreign tourist in a restroom at the Phuket Bus Terminal. The incident, which took place today, January 31, was interrupted by a monk, who attempted to intervene before the suspect fled the scene.

Police Deputy Inspector Surachart Thongyai of Phuket Mueang Police Station was notified of the incident involving the indecent assault of the tourist within the women’s restroom at the second Phuket Bus Terminal. Accompanied by a patrol team, he immediately rushed to the location for investigation.

The restroom, located behind the bus terminal near the waiting area, became a crime scene. There, the officers met Ekkawat Eiadchoothong, a Good Samaritan who had called the authorities. He reported that a distressed female tourist sought help, claiming that a Thai male, identified as a bus company employee, had sexually harassed her inside the restroom. However, the victim had to depart urgently on a bus to Koh Phangan in Surat Thani province, preventing police from interviewing her directly.

During the examination of the women’s restroom, the officers gathered details from witnesses. It was learned that a monk had witnessed the incident but had since left the bus terminal. Police Deputy Commander Ranturong Wuttiwong led an investigative team to the site, scrutinising CCTV footage and inquiring about the suspect’s identity, confirmed to be an employee of a local transportation company. The team coordinated with the company that operated the bus service used by the tourists to gather more information, reported KhaoSod.

Additionally, Su, a housekeeper responsible for cleaning the bus terminal restrooms, provided testimony. She recounted that the foreign tourist had expressed fear of being raped. At that moment, a monk seated near the restroom heard the commotion and intervened.

Su revealed that the bus worker hugged the tourist but claimed innocence when confronted. The monk reportedly told the worker that if he was indeed guilty, he should face the consequences, prompting the suspect to flee.

The investigation is ongoing, with police efforts focused on locating the bus employee. The authorities are calling on anyone with information to come forward and are determined to ensure the safety of tourists and uphold the law.

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