Lending company manager arrested for siphoning 200,000 baht from clients’ accounts

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A lending company manager in Buriram has been apprehended following accusations of syphoning approximately 200,000 baht from clients’ accounts. The suspect reportedly manipulated the personal details of three clients, thereby gaining access to cash cards used to withdraw funds from the victims’ loan accounts.

Anurak, the 32 year old manager of the lending establishment in Mueang district, was taken into custody by the Provincial Police Region 3 and local law enforcement. The arrest was facilitated by a warrant from the Buriram Provincial Court.

This action was prompted by complaints from three clients of the lending company who reported unauthorised cash card applications in their names. These cards were then used to access funds they had transferred for loan repayments, leading to inconsistencies in their outstanding debt balances.

Despite not possessing any cash cards, the victims noticed withdrawals totalling nearly 200,000 baht (US$5,634) from their loan accounts in December of the previous year, reported Bangkok Post.

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Following an investigation, the police sought and received court approval to apprehend Anurak, who was the manager at the lending firm where the victims had taken out loans.

Upon confrontation with the arrest warrant, Anurak confessed to the unauthorised withdrawals from his clients’ loan accounts. A search of his premises led to the seizure of the clothes he wore during the ATM withdrawals, as seen in CCTV footage.

Law enforcement also confiscated a mobile phone and a pickup truck, although the cash cards acquired under the victims’ names were not located. Anurak claimed to have discarded them and could not recall their whereabouts.

During his interrogation, Anurak revealed he had been an employee of the lending company since its inception. He admitted to exploiting the personal documents submitted by clients to alter their mobile phone numbers and other personal details. This enabled him to apply for cash cards in the victims’ names, which he then used for withdrawals. He cited unmanageable informal debts as his motivation for the theft.

Anurak now faces charges of theft and illegal use of electronic cards, causing harm to others.

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