Gas alert: Expert warns excessive farting might stink of serious health issues

A Taiwanese colorectal surgeon recently acknowledged farting is a natural bodily function but added that excessive or irregular flatulence could be a sign of serious health issues.

Jong Yunni, a Taiwanese colorectal surgeon, stated that people typically fart between five to 25 times a day, with the average being around 15 times. This indicates a well-functioning digestive system. However, no flatulence at all can be concerning for gastroenterologists.

If one farts more than 25 times a day, it might suggest overly rapid intestinal contractions or excessive gas production. The doctor also touched upon the concern most people have about the smell of flatulence, employing the “garbage bag theory” to explain it.

The contents of the intestines, like a garbage bag, determine the odour’s intensity. Diets high in meat and oil, if not evacuated regularly, can lead to particularly foul-smelling gas, while high fibre intake can mitigate the smell due to more regular bowel movements.

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Jong Yunni pointed out that for medical professionals, a rancid smell is alarming, but the general public should not make unfounded assumptions about various odours. Instead, maintaining good health habits is crucial.

People under 40 are less at risk for colon cancer, and foul-smelling gas is usually due to poor diet and changes in gut bacteria—increasing fibre intake improves symptoms.

For those past middle age, a sudden change in bowel habits, combined with symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea, or painless bloody stools, could indicate a higher risk for colorectal cancer.

Jong Yunni suggested that while unpleasant flatulence or smelly stools can be indirect references for diagnosing colorectal cancer, regular health check-ups are recommended for early detection and prevention.

In related news, a woman walked out of a dinner date after her male companion loudly farted and vehemently denied it, causing a scene despite her assurances that it was right. This unusual incident spurred the woman to seek opinions from netizens on whether her reaction was excessive.

After conversing online for two to three weeks with a man she found witty, intelligent, and charming, the woman had been looking forward to the date. However, her perception crumbled during their actual date.

Narrating her ordeal on Reddit, the woman recounted that the evening had been progressing smoothly, with both enjoying drinks and appetisers. Her date had chosen bean soup for his starter, and when the main course arrived, he unexpectedly let out a loud fart.

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