Teen courier with 900k meth pills caught in Chiang Mai

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In a dramatic pre-dawn operation, at 1.50am this morning, Thai police intercepted a teenage drug courier in Chiang Mai province, seizing nearly one million methamphetamine pills hidden in his pickup truck. The teenage driver admitted to being paid 80,000 baht for the illicit transport.

Law enforcement officials from Lhoongkhot Police Station, under the command of Superintendent Suphachai Chanthara, collaborated with the narcotics suppression bureau to stop the vehicle following a tip-off about the drug trafficking operation. The police successfully intercepted the truck at the entrance to Ban Luang Village in Lhoongkhot subdistrict.

Three suspects arrested during the operation were 17 year old Nan (pseudonym), 16 year old Korn (pseudonym), and 23 year old driver Apichai.

Upon searching the vehicle, officers discovered nine sacks containing approximately 900,000 methamphetamine tablets. The young driver confessed that he had been hired to transport the drugs from the Chiang Dao area to the Mae Taeng district in Chaing Mai, where they would be further distributed.

The payment upon completion of the task was revealed to be 80,000 baht. The police expanded their investigation, with the narcotics suppression bureau taking the lead, and proceeded to follow legal actions against the suspects, reported Khaosod.

The seizure of nearly one million methamphetamine tablets not only prevents a substantial amount of drugs from reaching the streets but also deals a blow to the criminal networks behind the trafficking operations.

The confiscated drugs highlight an ongoing battle against narcotics in the region, where drug trafficking remains a significant problem. The authorities’ swift action in this case reflects their commitment to disrupting the distribution networks that fuel the drug trade in northern Thailand.

The use of young individuals in such operations is a concerning trend, raising questions about the methods employed by drug syndicates to transport their contraband. The suspects now face serious charges, and the case serves as a stark reminder of the risks involved in drug trafficking and the severe consequences that follow.

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