Phetchabun: Cannabis-induced hallucination triggers police chase

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A 23 year old man experienced a hallucinatory episode after consuming cannabis, leading to a high-speed chase and subsequent arrest by local police.

The incident began when the young man, identified only as Amorn, rode his motorcycle through a community area without a helmet, number plate, or necessary documentation. His erratic behaviour and modified vehicle caught the attention of police officer Chaiwin Nantharat, who attempted to conduct a routine stop.

The situation escalated when Amorn, panicked and under the influence, resisted and attempted to flee, resulting in a physical altercation. The chase ended when Amorn, exhausted, was apprehended by the pursuing officers. In his statement, the man confessed to consuming a large amount of cannabis, which he believed made him paranoid that someone was out to harm him, prompting his desperate attempt to escape.

The incident was captured on video and posted on Facebook, where it garnered attention and praise for the police officer’s dedication to duty. Chaiwin, a traffic police unit leader at Tha Phon Police Station in Phetchabun province, was performing his duties when he noticed two motorcycles racing each other. His intervention led to the chase, which concluded with the capture of the suspect.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Amorn, along with a friend, were on their way home after using cannabis, leading to his paranoid reaction, reported KhaoSod.

The police charged him with modifying a vehicle without proper documents and obstructing an officer during the performance of their duties. He was taken into custody and is now facing legal proceedings.

In related news, the two Russian men on a graffiti rampage after a booze-fuelled escapade in Patong, Phuket, have been arrested. Police Major General Saranyu Chamnarnrat, Deputy Chief of the Provincial Police Region 8, revealed the arrest of the Russian vandals yesterday.

In other news, a fisherman stumbled upon 20 kilogrammes of suspected drugs floating in the sea, which bore the same brand marks as a previous find. Upon discovery, he promptly reported the matter to the authorities.

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