Phallic faux pas: Thai man gets penis stuck in plastic bottle

Photo by Kwame Anim via Unsplash and Channel 7

A randy 65 year old Thai man sought help from a rescue foundation in the Taling Chan district of Bangkok after making a dick of himself by getting his penis stuck in a plastic bottle for a day.

The leader of the Thawi Wattana Ruam Katanyu Rescue Foundation, Thawatchai Sintumongkhon, told Channel 7 that he and his team were alerted about the incident at about 2.30pm yesterday, April 3.

The rescuers rushed to the horny man’s home in the Taling Chan district of Bangkok and found him in a bedroom on the second floor. They discovered that the man’s penis was tightly trapped by the mouth of the plastic bottle, causing it to swell and bleed.

The man explained that he had already cut off the rest of the bottle but was still unable to remove his penis from the bottle’s mouth and did not dare to cut off the part by himself.

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According to Thawatchai, the rescue team spent about an hour removing the bottle from the man’s weenie. The mission took a long time because they had to carefully cut the bottle mouth around his penis to avoid injuring the man.

For the cause of the penis trap, the victim revealed to the rescue team that he was suffering from erectile dysfunction and decided to take some Viagra tablets. He had taken three pills on the afternoon of April 2.

Viagra test

He wanted to test whether the medicine worked or not, so he placed his penis in the plastic bottle. The medicine did work, and the man left his penis in the bottle for about three to four hours. He did not clarify why he did so.

The victim said he had waited for the medicine’s effects to wear off so he could remove it but the effects lasted the whole day. He needed to urinate, so he cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle to allow himself to pee.

Unfortunately, he could not urinate because his penis was tightly stuck in the bottle’s mouth. Despite his efforts, he could not remove the plastic bottle, and his organ began to swell and bleed, prompting him to seek help from the rescue team the next day.

Thawatchai stated that he urged the man to seek medical examination at the hospital after the rescue mission.

This Thai man was not the first person to seek help from a rescue team after their efforts to improve their sexual activities or to fix erectile dysfunction. Many men opted to have steel rings fitted to their penises, prompting them to contact emergency services or doctors later.

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