Pedo Indian man sexually abuses 4 year old Thai girl

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The parents of a four year old Thai girl filed a complaint at Phra Pradaeng Police Station yesterday after discovering their daughter had been sexually abused by her pedophile uncle at a rental house in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok.

Following police procedures, the parents, 33 year old Nattasak, and 31 year old Sineenuch, submitted a physical examination result of their daughter Natnicha, also called Bright, to the police officers yesterday, May 2, after discovering she had been abused.

Sineenuch revealed to Channel 3 that her daughter, Bright, was sexually abused by a 31 year old Indian man, Sing, who worked as a security guard at a factory in Samut Prakarn province. Sineenuch revealed that Sing was Bright’s uncle because he had married Bright’s aunt, who had died several years ago. Sing often visited the family’s home and played with Bright. The family trusted him because he was a relative.

On April 12, Sing asked Sineenuch if he could take Bright to play with him at his workplace, and she agreed. However, Sing took Bright to his rental house in Soi Sooksawat 76 in the province and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

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Sineenuch was unaware of the incident but she noticed that her daughter seemed different. She became quiet and stopped enjoying her playtime. She kept asking Bright what was wrong until her daughter confessed to the sexual abuse on April 17.

Sineenuch tried to contact Sing about the incident but he hid from her and blocked all of her social media accounts. Sineenuch then filed a complaint with the police on April 30 and handed officers the medical certification about the abuse yesterday.

The girl and her family are now under the care of the Samut Prakarn Provincial Children and Youth Department. The authority guides the parents on how to take care of the girl so she can recover from the trauma.

Police have yet to update what action or charges they will press against the alleged pedophile.

Sexual abuse against children committed by family members is common in Thailand.

Only last month, a 13 year old girl sought help from the Bangkok Police after her 17 year old sister was imprisoned and raped by their pedo father. Officers raided their accommodation to rescue the teenage girl and discovered a lot of naked pictures and videos of the girl on her father’s mobile phone. However, the father still dared to deny the accusation.

In some cases, family members turn a blind eye to sexual assault. Last year, a stepfather raped a 12 year old girl, but the girl’s biological mother urged her to stay silent because the rapist had money to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, the girl was eventually rescued after her biological father learned about the issue.

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